Running a small business takes a lot of work and effort. And sometimes, there isn’t enough time in a day to complete everything. Rather than risk falling behind on your work, consider delegating tasks to other employees.

Delegating tasks involves giving someone an assignment that isn’t part of their normal job description. You may hesitate giving an employee additional work due to fear that he won’t complete the assignment to satisfaction. But rather than put off handing over a task, here are a few tips to delegate effectively.

1. Give clear, detailed instructions. If you don’t give thorough instructions, your employee isn’t likely to do a good job. Before delegating tasks, write or type out the instructions so that they’re clear in your mind. Review the instructions and then present them to your employee. Ask if they have any questions and willingly clarify any gaps in the instructions.

2. Don’t be a perfectionist. You no doubt want the task completed right, but don’t have unrealistic expectations. The employee may complete the task slightly different from your way. If the end result is the same, and you’re satisfied, let it go.

3. Put an end date on the assignment. Since your employee is also juggling other assignments, assign a deadline to the delegated task.

4. Offer commendation. When delegating tasks to employees, don’t forget to commend them for a “job well done.”

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