Today’s customers are demanding. They believe the businesses they deal with have the technology to solve problems at the touch of a button, making them more unhappy than ever when processes fail.

With Infusionsoft, you have tools in place to address some of these problems. Supplemented by conscientious support staff, your business can go from adequate—or worse—to delighting the customer.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

  1. Over-automation. Sometimes personal service is called for. Avoid client frustration by understanding where automation equates with unresponsiveness.
  2. Urge to handle customers as quickly as possible. Listen to your customers. Don’t sacrifice problem resolution in favor of fast but wrong responses.
  3. Being satisfied with small wins. Win the hearts of your customers with bigger wins.
  4. System outages. Sometimes these are unavoidable, but demand superior service, whether web, email, phone, etc.
  5. Slow turnaround. Customers expect a few clicks to get the job done. Meeting and exceeding expectations gets more challenging by the day, but that’s no reason to settle for second best.
  6. Undervaluing customer service team. Maintain morale by treating them well.
  7. No complaints does not equal good customer service. Studies show only one out of every 26 unhappy customers complain. Listen for the compliments—that’s what counts.

As an Infusionsoft user, you have benefited from training to bring you up to speed. However, if your business is demanding and growing, more personal assistance may help you use Infusionsoft’s many features more effectively and offer customer service that more fully meets customer expectations.

Virtual Business Partners helps businesses such as yours excel. Perhaps we can help you. If you would like to learn more, please phone us at 1-630-771-1003.


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