Make a blog part of your marketing campaign.

I love Hubspot.  Plain and simple.  For all things marketing, this is a great “hub” of information! As the title mentions, this week focuses on marketing transformation.  Today’s focus is about inbound marketing and what I want to touch upon is blogging.

To start, Hubspot defines inbound marketing in the following terms:

“Inbound marketers offer their audiences useful information and tools to attract these people to their site, while also interacting and developing relationships with individuals on the Web. Inbound marketing tools include blogging, content publishing, search engine optimization and social media.”

Now back to blogging.  Hubspot offered up some key statistics that are worth sharing (a lot!):

  • “Blogs and social media channels are generating real customers: 57% of companies using blogs reported that they acquired customers from leads generated directly from their blog.”
  • “More and more business are blogging: Businesses are now in the minority if they do not blog. From 2009 to 2011 the percentage of businesses with a blog grew from 48% to 65%.”
  • “Businesses are increasingly aware their blog is highly valuable: 85% of businesses rated their company blogs as “useful”,”important” or “critical” a whopping 27% rated their company blog as ―critical to their business.”

Are you ready to start your blog now?

So what does this all mean?  Simple.  Start blogging.  Not sure where to start?  Neither was I when I first started out.  But what I can tell you is to blog in your own voice.  What this means is don’t sound “canned” or your blog will be “canned” by the reader.  Talk about what’s important to you, industry happenings, give expert commentary, offer tips or how-to’s, talk about how a problem was solved…anything that will engage your readers that is of value will keep them coming back for more info!


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