Are your marketing efforts paying off?

Have you wondered where your web site ranks among other sites, or more importantly, where you rank against your competitor? What about where you “stack up” on Twitter? There is also Facebook where over 2 million active users congregate on any given day. How does your page rank? Hubspot has a compiled a page on their site for all things “graded”.

Use online tools to analyze your marketing efforts

Nowadays, businesses and business owners are contantly being told what they “need” to do and “how” to do it in order to grow their businesses.  So the diligent folks that we are, we go out an implement all these “must-haves” in order to stand out from the crowd.  But now what?  For those of you that are lucky enough to receive endless leads, clients and exposure, you get an A+ for your grade, but for those of you who still need to make the grade, think about engaging these tools so you can be on your way to analyzing where improvements, enhancements or changes need to be made in your business marketing efforts.

Check out these online marketing tools to get started! 

  • Find out where your web site ranks
  • Do you Foursqaure?  Find out your grade now!
  • Are you an author?  Track and improve your online marketing efforts here!
  • Ready to grade your Facebook page?  Click now!
  • Do you want to see how influencial you are on Twitter?  Find out now!
  • Analyze and improve your blog now!
  • Do you have a press release about to be issued?  How about finding out your marketing effectiveness score today!
  • Be one the radar for Hubspot’s to be released soon!
  • We are excited about these tools and hope that you are too!

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