I often hear about how there is not enough time in the day to complete tasks or there are too many distractions during the day to keep me focused. I am sure you have considered some of the usual suspects such as checking emails as they come in and frequenting various websites.  And I am sure you have vowed to limit those “interruptions” during your day. Uh huh.

Enter RescueTime.  I had a chance to look at this while my appendix decided to make a leap to the outside world and take me out with it.  Anyway, RescueTime is a neat little tool that tells you exactly where you are spending your time while you are online.  It will help you spot inefficiencies in your day and become better at managing your time and also let you create goals such as spending less than 1 hour per day on email to help you stay focused.  Sound silly?  Think again.

In an article posted by FastCompany by author David Lavenda, there are many people out there struggling with information overload and distraction.  Consider this:  “In 2006, one study found that the average U.S. office worker was interrupted 11 times an hour. The cost of these interruptions, in which email plays a large role, runs close to $600 billion in the U.S. alone.”

How many of you have distraction blockers in place?  I know a lot of folks out there like to use their calendars to block out time slots during the day to focus on tasks or projects that need specific attention.  Share your methods in the comments section below!

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