virtual assistant is typically an independent contractor who offers services such as administrative, web, technical, bookkeeping, and/or graphic design services via email, the Internet or fax. If you run a business, hiring a virtual assistant to help with daily operations can improve the efficiency of your office. These assistants do not work in the office with you, but rather from their own remote office. Because technology is the basis for communication with an assistant, you may hesitate hiring one for yourself.

However, there are practical reasons to hire a virtual assistant.

1. You cannot afford a full-time assistant. If you cannot afford a full-time assistant, hire a virtual assistant and pay this person a flat fee per task, hourly or on a retained basis.  Let’s say you need to develop a marketing campaign. Rather than hire in-house help, you can hire a virtual assistant to assist you with the development and implementation of your campaign. It’s the most cost-effective way to get help with your business.

2. You need to focus on other tasks. Light administrative duties are typical of every office. And while these duties aren’t complicated, they can consume your time. Hire a virtual assistant to handle word processing, data entry and research, and you can focus on larger assignments.

3. You’re simply overwhelmed. As your business grows, you’ll discover that there isn’t enough time in the day for all your duties. Running the operation without an assistant can result in long hours and many sleepless nights. This can take the joy out of owning your business. With a virtual assistant on your side, you can delegate assignments and free up your time.

What is holding you back from freeing up your time?


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