Soooo…there’s been this nagging feeling, inkling, desire or all out run out the door feeling to switch careers.  I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all of us have thought about that at one point (or multiple times) throughout our life.  But what do you do?  How do you know what you need to prepare for a career switch?  According to a recent article on Mashable, 59 percent of Americans would venture off down a new road if opportunity presented itself!

The author of that article, recommends these following considerations:

  1. What skills/additional skills do you need?  Just because you are good at what you currently do, doesn’t always mean that those skills are transferable   However, you may possess skills that you may not have thought of that may be an asset to your new field.  Do your homework!  For example, ask for informational interviews at companies that are hiring in the new field of your choice.
  2. Does your new industry have professional groups or associations?  Join them!  Reach out and begin to network!  LinkedIn is a great way to find groups, as is good old fashioned internet searches!
  3. Your resume and portfolio and other professional materials.  What does your new industry require or want to see when they are hiring.  If you want to be a designer, likely a visual element is a necessity.
  4. Social media.  While the article states that you should start tweeting or becoming involved in your new industry outlets, be wary if you are still employed!  This goes without saying!  The same goes for #2.  We live in a digital age where information travels immediately!  Also, Google yourself and see what pops up.  You want to be aware of what is posted out there about you!  What you see is what potential employers will see.
  5. How to apply.  Some industries have preferred methods of recruiting talent.  Be cognizant of these and be respectful!

An additional tip that I would like to add is hire a career or business coach!  Or, talk to a mentor in your field of choice.  I would also like to add that if you are experiencing job burnout or frustration, I wouldn’t jump ship just yet!  Investigate where your feelings are coming from, do you truly have a passion for what you currently do?  Maybe it’s time find another position in your current industry, take some classes to update your skills, find outside interests etc.  But if you know you are meant to change professions, being prepared will get you there in the best possible way!

Happy hunting!



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