How much is too much?

Today’s business environment is more confusing than ever before. Of all the reasons for this, the one that NEVER seems to be mentioned is: there’s TOO MUCH information available. Not to mention that, somehow, everyone seems to be an expert these days.

Truly, the advice is never-ending, with “can’t fail” strategies for how to build a successful business coming from every continent and from an astounding array of people with “credentials”. In fact, everywhere you look online you can find anything from business coaches to online marketing coaches and personal coaches to family coaches – and even coaches coaching coaches! And they all offer “expert advice” and “inspiration”, for a fee. Where does it end?

It doesn’t, and it won’t, at least not for a very long time.

Basically, there’s too much information about how to feel good about your business choices, without enough insight on how to become successful!

There’s a huge flaw in the system

The online coaching “industry” is one of the fastest growing business models in the world, with everyone from stay-at-home parents and executive consultants tossing their hats in the ring. The reasons are fairly clear for this: virtually anyone can call themselves a coach, whether they’ve had training or not; the return on investment can be huge, with minimal expense to get started; coaching is considered largely “recession-proof”, since the worse things are in the economy the more people tend to seek help.

But here’s the problem, as I see it. Most coaching today is about sharing platitudes and building self-esteem, rather than teaching practical, effective techniques and strategies. After all, why should a business coach help someone work on their “self-image”, when what they really need is to understand internet marketing strategies and how to turn a profit? I mean, come on… Seriously?

I’ve worked incredibly hard over the past 20 years to develop business acumen and experience, not to mention the additional training I’ve taken on since I began my own virtual support business nearly a decade ago. Beyond building my own resume with Business Coaching and Internet Marketing Certifications, I’ve put together a team of support specialists with a collective 40 years’ experience in sales, marketing, copywriting, tech support, and website design and development.

As a result, we offer real-world solutions to real-world business challenges, instead of “feel-good” coaching. Whether you decide to work with VBP or not, here is what you should look for in a business coach:

  • Someone who actually built, and continues to sustain, a profitable small business of their own.
  • Someone who actually made money from their business – not from selling “coaching programs”.
  • Someone who still owns a business, and would like to help others, as a way of giving back to the many people who helped them build their business.
  • Someone who has years of experience providing small business support, allowing entrepreneurs and small business owners like you to implement their business ideas.
  • Someone who will help you bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be in your business.

Ultimately, what you should be looking for is – a coach who has actually done what they claim they can help you do!

If you can’t find a coach like that, then you’re much better off learning by doing, rather than spending hundreds, or even thousands, or dollars with a coach whose only goal is to make you feel good about yourself, as they rake in your cash.

If you’re looking for practical business solutions to the challenges you’re facing, I am a Certified Business Coach, with a team of online marketing professionals available you help you realize your vision for your business.


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