Creating content for your business website is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure success; yet, far too many online business owners fail to grasp the value of their website copy. If you are one of those who struggle to meet this challenge, hiring a website copywriter could well be the key to honing your message and making a positive impression on your visitors – and to generating interest that leads to conversions.


  • As an entrepreneur, you have a vision for your business but, do you have a similar vision for your website?
  • Are you struggling to clearly define your mission to potential clients?
  • How can you express your vison and your mission, in a way that will overcome the inherently impersonal nature of the internet – in a way that speaks to the needs of your target audience?


It’s a simple fact of life in the online world we live in today that the internet is extremely competitive. It is also indifferent, merciless, and uncompromising. More simply, having a presence online does not offer legitimacy – nor does it guarantee success.

While a great looking, well designed business website offers the potential for building your reputation online, your message must enhance that design, further defining the direction of your business now – and in the future.

Wherever you may be in the process of developing your website, you must begin to think strategically about your website’s content, realizing the massive impact it will have when blended with your website design.

Creating a Consistent, Clearly Defined Message

Creating a clear and consistent message which speaks to the hearts of the audience you’re targeting is critical to your success. This will also enable you to overcome the challenge of building an identity that allows you to nurture a personal connection with them over time.

As an entrepreneur who has chosen to market yourself online, it can be extremely difficult to figure out how to structure your message in ways that will defeat the natural skepticism and uncertainty of your target audience and prospects.

An experienced website copywriting specialist can help you create a message that will personalize online interactions and allow you to directly address the needs of your audience and prospective clients, clearly outlining the benefits of working with you, or buying your products.

Reaching this goal this requires two things:


  • You must know the purpose of the content you create for your website
  • Your content must always speak directly to your purpose


A talented website copywriter will have the experience needed to help you reach these two goals with every page of copy for your website – and for your blog posts.

If this speaks to your needs as a website owner, click here to get in touch with Doreen directly, for answers to any questions.

Is SEO Dead? NO… SEO Enables You to Reach Your Target Audience

An experienced professional will be able to create optimized website copy for you – which is just one of the benefits you will enjoy when you hire a website copywriting specialist. When you find a copywriter who understands SEO best practices, you are almost be guaranteed to realize the benefits of:


  • Higher placement in the search engine results page (SERPs)
  • Increased website traffic


An accomplished website copywriter should be able to seamlessly place high-value keywords and phrases within your website’s copy. Doing this, while also generating customized Meta titles and Meta descriptions for each of your pages, is necessary for the search engines to find you. These practices are critical to the immediate and ongoing success of your business website.

Doing this when creating fresh content for your website should be a standard practice for an experienced website copywriting specialist.

When you consider hiring a website copywriter, find out if they also offer SEO services as a part of their content writing process. If not, it would be wise to find another. If they do, feel free to ask them to educate you about SEO best practices and the benefits they offer to you, and for the long-term health of your website.

Developing Web Content That Inspires Action

A successful online marketing campaign begins with your website copy, and is founded on the principle that, once a visitor reaches your website you can inspire them to act in a way that will benefit them (and you), by:


  • Navigating to more pages on your website and learning more about you
  • Clicking-through to read your latest blog post
  • Offering you their email address in exchange for your opt-in gift
  • Getting in touch with you through your Contact page
  • Purchasing the products or services you offer


These are known as “Calls-To-Action” (CTAs) and all of them will require a different approach. A knowledgeable, experienced website copywriting specialist should be well-practiced in the various tactics needed to accomplish each of these short-term goals.

Of course, it would be wonderful if every new visitor to your website came to you ready and eager to click a “Buy Now” button immediately but – this is simply not realistic.

Instead, set a short-term goal for your website copy that will cause them to act on one of the CTAs listed above. The longer you can keep them on your website, “clicking through” to other pages, the more likely it is that they will begin to believe that you are trustworthy and truly care about them and their needs. Over time, this will build feelings of loyalty that will add a sense of comfort when they begin to think of buying the products or services you are offering.

When you hire a website copywriting specialist, you will be working with a professional who frequently employs the tactics and strategies required to accomplish each of these goals and will, as a matter of course, put them to use when creating your website copy.

Whatever you may choose as a goal for each piece and page of your website content, if you fail to engage your visitors and hold their interest, they will not act as you hoped they would.

By choosing to work with a professional copywriter, you will ensure that your message is well-defined and accurate, that your copy is always benefits-based, and that you constantly address the question that is most important to your target audience…

“What’s in it for me?”

At VBP, we have developed a system that makes working with a professional website copywriting specialist comfortable and convenient for you, regardless of the stage of development of your website.

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